Finding Your Niche

Ahhhh… Los Angeles. A city full of vapid, brainless, gorgeous people with more money than they know what to do with, right? Right! Those people do exist here, but if you think that is all that there is in LA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

There are all sorts of people residing here. Of course, you’ll get the many who are in “the industry” (and no I don’t mean porn, although that is here too), but there are people in all fields from all walks of life. That is one of the best parts of Los Angeles, you can find your niche!

Moving here can seem incredibly overwhelming at first. Anyone that has ever driven on the 101 (and the 405, 110, 605, 5, 134, 170, the list goes on), can tell you that Los Angeles has too many people. LA is likely in first place for traffic (at the very least it’s a bronze medal winner), and as much as we have all sat in traffic banging our heads against the steering wheel, cursing everyone’s exsistence because you left 2 hours early to drive 15 miles, and you are still going to be late, it actually is a testament to how desirable it is to live here. Let’s face it: LA has some of the best weather in the world, the sun is out 350 days out of the year, the beaches are gorgeous, the food and culture is unbeatable, and there is something here for everyone.

So, how does one meet people in this city filled with millions of others? Let me share some tips I used in finding some incredible friends and even building my professional network.

  1.  Take a class! There are classes for all sorts of hobbies and professions in LA. There are free classes, donation based classes, and classes that will range in price. Choosing to take a class of something you love, will help you meet other like-minded people.
  2. Join! There are endless groups on meetup, that you are bound to find something that drives your interests. To name just a few, there are outdoor enthusiast groups, artists groups, writing groups, even live action roleplay groups. If there is a hobby, there is likely a meetup group for it. And if there isn’t, meetup will let you start your own!
  3. See a live show! There are multiple events going on every night of the week in LA. Varying in price range from free to outlandish, there is something that fits your budget. There are plenty of bars that have live music, and lots of venues that host poetry or art nights. We have some of the greatest music venues like the Hollywood Bowl, The Greek Theater, Ace Hotel, The Forum, The Staples Center, and many more. There is also a huge comedy scene, with the world famous Comedy Store right in the heart of Hollywood which has shows with headliner comedians for reasonable cost, plus if you sign up on their website you can sometimes get free guest list tickets.
  4. Improv! Speaking of comedy, taking an improv class is one of the best ways to not only meet people, but to actually improve your conversational skills and overcome fears. Although it may seem intimidating, I recommend joining a beginner class. It will help you improve your public speaking, your networking, your one on one interactions, and it is a lot of fun!
  5. Cultural experiences! There are so many museums and cultural experiences to have in LA. One of the best parts about living here is most people are not native residents. The culture brought to this city by others is abundant. Explore amazing restaurants in little Ethiopia or China Town, visit cool museums like The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Venice, or a bigger Museum like the Getty (which is free to visit!). Strike up a conversation with someone that seems to be absorbed in the same exhibit as you are. Here is a great list of museums that you can attend for free or have days you can visit free:

Although Los Angeles can seem overwhelming with it’s massive size and grandiose stereotypes, if you go in with a positive attitude and a plan, your transition will be seamless. You will find people you click with, you just have to know where to look!



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